14 Ideas to Bring More Brand Love to Your Organization

Bring More Brand Love to Your Organization
This post is a collection of the MORE BRAND LOVE series shared on LinkedIn this February. Hope you enjoy!
We’ve all been there: You’ve just joined a new community, hopeful for new connections and getting involved. How we’re welcomed sets the tone for our entire journey, right?

A smooth and warm onboarding process is the foundation for building long-term member relationships. No emails have higher open rates than the first ones a new member opens, looking for ways to be engaged.

Now, imagine receiving a personalized video message from a Board member, personally welcoming you and eager to meet you at the next in-person event. You’re much more likely to attend, yes, knowing someone might be looking forward to you being there?

By involving key personalities from your organization, you’re not just creating a personal touch, but you’re also showcasing the very human side of your member organization. It adds genuine warmth that resonates and goes a long way in building #BrandLove.

Foster MORE BRAND LOVE with your members by creating community where accomplishments are acknowledged and celebrated.

1️⃣ Utilize your member database and determine various categories of milestones to recognize. Develop a special tag or category making it easy for you to search and pull the data.

2️⃣ Develop a Member Achievements Program: From birthday email wishes to a dedicated community area online where you can showcase larger member accomplishments, create a plan and process for executing this initiative. 🏆

3️⃣ Engage Your Community: Ask recognized members to share insights or tips related to their accomplishments within a forum. Encourage members to actively participate by congratulating and celebrating their peers’ achievements. Recognition culture is a magic ingredient for MORE BRAND LOVE!

By making members feel seen and valued year-round, you’re reinforcing their connection to your association and its value in their life.

Show your commitment to creating a warm and welcoming community with a New Member Ambassador Program, where every new member will be paired with a dedicated senior member for their first year to serve as a guide and trusted resource, encouraging active involvement.

A lot of work to get going in terms of training, getting volunteers and the like? Yes, but the payoff in terms of member retention could be a game-changer for your organization.

New members often face the challenge of getting acclimated and a guiding member offer a personal touch, making them feel instantly connected and valued. 🧭 Newcomers have a dedicated go-to person for all their queries, fostering open and easy communication.

Research shows that members who feel connected and engaged in their first year are more likely to remain active, contributing members in the long run. And isn’t that what your organization is striving for?

Utilize gamification to create even stronger connections with members and cultivate MORE BRAND LOVE! 🌟

Gamification brings members together in an engaging way that fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and the joy of achieving something together.
Consider organizing on-site building competitions at your face-to-face events. Whether it’s a creative project or a problem-solving challenge, it’s a fantastic way for members to collaborate, bond, and demonstrate their expertise in real-time. Consider breaking teams geographically so their bonding can continue in-person post event. 🧩

Explore virtual bonding by trying a online escape room, scavenger hunt or host a trivia hour. Themed trivia nights, industry-related quizzes, or even general knowledge challenges can be a fun and interactive way to engage members from all over the world. 🧠

Be sure to include a feedback loop where members can share their thoughts and suggestions about the gamification experience. Not only does this show that you value their input, but it also helps you tailor future challenges.

By giving members the opportunity to shine, we not only strengthen their connection to the association but also creating a culture where they feel valued.

As a content marketing expert with two decades of experience, I’ve seen the power of multisensory branding in action. One sense that can leave a lasting impression on your association’s annual conference attendees… developing a distinctive Brand Soundtrack. 🎶

Music has an incredible ability to energize us and build connections. Have you ever watched a Tony Robbins event? His team uses music to great effect. A carefully crafted theme song or playlist can make your event more memorable, reinforcing your brand’s “personality” in a non-intrusive yet impactful way.
Just like in life, music can elevate moments to something special. Contemplate music to suit different moments during the event, such as opening sessions, keynotes, breaks, and closing ceremonies.

When the music is ready, launch it as a part of your conference marketing. Share snippets on social media, in teaser videos, and in email campaigns to build anticipation. 🎵✨

Provide opportunities for members to shine and share their expertise by encouraging crowdsourced content. Beyond in-depth journal articles and white papers, allow time-strapped members to also share their knowledge through bitesize content submissions. These small nuggets of insight can be molded together into special compilations, exclusive treasure troves of wisdom for members only.

Establish an annual tradition where members contribute their valuable advice, tips, or stories. Begin promoting and requesting input 4-5 months in advance. If you host an annual conference, consider launching the initiative there.

If that idea feels too ambitious, start small by asking members for responses to industry-related questions via email, publications and social media. Then, publish the responses in group blog posts. It’s an easy way to initiate member-generated content at a manageable scale. 📧

By encouraging this collaborative effort, you’re not just creating content resources; you’re building connections and showcasing the collective knowledge within your community.

Celebrate those members who have consistently attended your annual conference by creating a “5 Timers Club” as an exclusive badge of honor recognizing their participation publicly. Being part of a special club is a powerful motivator and encourages members to continue attending your events year after year.

If you’ve ever watched “Saturday Night Live” when someone has hosted five times then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Have fun with this kind of activity.

Offer a dedicated lounge area for 5-timers where they can relax, network, and recharge. ☕

Consider gifting them a special swag item, like a luxurious robe with your brand’s logo. It’s a tangible symbol of their loyalty and a memorable keepsake of their conference experiences. 🎁

Host private happy hour or dinner exclusively for “5 Timers Club” members, allowing them to connect with fellow 5-timers, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. 🍸

The “5 Timers Club” adds an extra layer of excitement to your annual conferences and creates a sense of belonging that keeps members engaged and connected. A sense of community that keeps members coming back for MORE BRAND LOVE!

Enrich your members’ experience and foster MORE BRAND LOVE with Virtual Masterclasses!

Offer a series of masterclasses exclusively for your members, led by experts in your industry. These sessions provide an incredible opportunity for members to enhance their skills and knowledge. Consider tapping into your senior members to share their knowledge as masters.

Allow members to submit questions in advance or ask them live during the masterclasses. A wonderful chance to get personalized insights from the best in the field!

Provide valuable downloadable resources related to each masterclass. These materials serve as valuable takeaways for members to reference and apply what they’ve learned.

Share the recorded sessions with members who couldn’t attend live – a valuable member benefit, offering flexibility and accessibility. It’s a way to ensure that every member can access these incredible learning opportunities!

A Masterclass Series is also a wonderful way to capture the voices and knowledge of industry professionals before they pass.

Masterclasses elevate your brand by providing a unique and enriching experience, keeps your community at the forefront of industry knowledge and demonstrates your investment in member growth.

Take your member support up a notch with Voice Assistance Services and cultivate MORE BRAND LOVE.

Voice assistance services not only streamline support but also create a more accessible and user-friendly experience. Implement voice-activated support systems that allow members to ask questions, seek guidance, or access information using voice commands.

Ensure that voice assistance services are accessible via mobile devices, making it convenient for members on the go. Personalize voice assistance to recognize and address members by name, providing a customized touch.

Two resources that may help you with this initiative are Open Source Rasa and Mozilla DeepSpeech. By offering this advanced level of support, you’re demonstrating your commitment to delivering exceptional member experiences and strengthening your brand’s connection with its community.

Imagine the sheer delight of receiving an unexpected gift from your association, something that shows genuine appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Surprise and delight moments not only create positive associations but also deepen the emotional connection between members and your brand. These gestures showcase your association’s commitment to their happiness and success.

Consider sending members industry-related books that can expand their knowledge and inspire them. A good book has the power to ignite new ideas and fuel personal growth.

Personalization goes a long way in making members feel valued and appreciated. Whether it’s a cozy hoodie, a sleek water bottle, or high-end pen, exclusive branded items create a sense of belonging and pride too. Include a heartfelt thank you note with each surprise gift. It’s like receiving a warm hug in the form of words! 💌

Deliver a new way for members to network and connect by starting a virtual book club exclusive to members. 📖 Curate a diverse reading list, focusing on industry-related books, leadership, innovation, or any theme that aligns with your community’s interests.

Work with local chapters to include in-person options for those who prefer face-to-face discussions. This hybrid approach ensures that all members, regardless of location, can be part of the experience.

A book club not only strengthens your educational programming but also fosters improves networking for members to share their insights, ask questions, and learn from each other.

Create a space for intellectual growth, cultural exchange, and lasting connections—a true recipe for MORE BRAND LOVE!

Volunteers, working groups, and committees are the heart and soul of your brand’s ecosystem. Acknowledge their efforts by regularly spotlighting their contributions via email, social media and at events. Share their stories, accomplishments, and the impact they’ve made. 👏

Add a thank you event to your annual conference schedule to thank these volunteers in person. Consider establishing awards for outstanding volunteers.
Send personalized thank you notes expressing leadership’s gratitude. Perhaps have different Board members send these out periodically. Handwritten or digital, these gestures go a long way in making volunteers feel seen and valued. 💌

By shining a spotlight on their efforts and expressing gratitude, you not only keep them engaged but also inspire others to step up and contribute.

Continue to nurture the relationships within your community and watch as MORE BRAND LOVE flourishes!

Improve collaboration among your local chapters by planning a special “Local Leaders Forum” at your next annual conference. A half-day session where chapter leaders can collaborate and learn from each other. By coordinating this forum, you’re not just building bridges between chapters; you’re creating a thriving ecosystem of engaged members.

To start, arrange a panel of your most active chapters, having them share their best practices and success stories. This real-world wisdom can inspire and guide other chapters in their journey… like a masterclass in effective chapter management! 🌟

Ensure there’s ample time for brainstorming and discussion for exchanging ideas, troubleshooting challenges, and forging new connections.
Stronger local chapters creates a robust and interconnected network, elevating your entire community.

Help members find their tribe within your community by creating virtual mastermind groups that bring together members with common goals or challenges.

A wonderful member benefit, these intimate gatherings promote networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Members not only form connections but also can gain insights and strategies to overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals.

Partner with your chapters to develop regionally focused groups which allows members to connect with others who understand the nuances of their specific area.

Create a sense of belonging and provide members with a platform to grow both personally and professionally by offering these invaluable opportunities for connection.
Thank you for joining us on this journey of connection, appreciation, and growth. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out – shine@jenydcreative.com. Wishing you continued success in strengthening your community and fostering MORE BRAND LOVE! 🌟

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