The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to outline the conditions of our working relationship for clients of The Brand Bazaar by Wild Side. By submitting your enquiry to purchase you are agreeing to all the terms & conditions outlined below.
By enquiring to purchase a brand design from the Brand Bazaar, you agree to pay me the full listed price. The complete and non-refundable payment must be made before I start any customization work.
All brand designs are sold on a first come, first serve basis – submitting the enquiry form does not guarantee that you will be approved to complete the purchase. The enquirer’s brand must fit with the proposed brand design without major modifications. Otherwise, the enquirer may petition Wild Side to see if we are willing to make the proposed modifications OR if additional compensation is required.
Sometimes multiple enquiries will be submitted before the brand design is approved for purchase. The enquirer will be notified within 48 business hours if your application has been approved. It is our goal to be as impartial and helpful as possible in the buying process, however we cannot guarantee that your enquiry will be approved, in which case we offer several alternatives such as custom design services.
The purchasing client’s brand (name, tagline, additional text, etc) must fit into the brand design without major changes. Wild Side reserves the right to assess and ultimately make the final decision about the enquirer’s brand compatibility. Additional revisions and/or modifications that Wild Side deems outside the scope of the original brand design will be subject to additional fees. In this case, the client will be presented with a proposal for the additional changes which they may then accept or refuse. Wild Side does offer custom design services for those that don’t find something in the Brand Bazaar to fit their brand vision and needs, and which is a much more customized alternative.
The purchasing client agrees that Wild Side may place an accreditation in the form of a text or image hyperlink in the size and location that we agree on together, or in the Final Files. The client also agrees that I also reserve the right to display and link to your completed project as part of my portfolio and to write about the project on web sites, social media, in magazine articles and in books about brand design.
-All photographs shown in the Brand Bazaar, in both Mood Boards and Social template examples, are not included in the final files and are for display purposes only. The sources for these photos may be found here. Wild Side does not own or claim to own any of these photos unless stated otherwise. If any of the photos belong to you and you would like them to be removed or to give you credit, please send a message with a link to the original photo.
-Brand purchase does not include any printing services or costs, only the design files
-Font suggestions are for display purposes only – font files and licenses are not included in the final files. If the client would like to purchase a font license, Wild Side can provide the source
-Wild Side is not responsible for keeping copy of the source files once the project has been completed and the final files have been delivered. Please keep your own backup of the files.
-You may not sell, resell or share any of the files or items purchased from the Brand Bazaar. Only one person or legal business entity may use a single brand for personal and commercial purposes.
-Our goal is to have all brand customizations completed and delivered within 7 business days, however if the client fails to provide feedback and/or becomes unresponsive during the process, Wild Side reserves the right to terminate the project and keep the non-refundable payment as well as to put the brand back up for sale.