Core Services

Market Research

Research is a critical part of any effective marketing strategy. As your strategic market partner, we can help you with:

  • Market Intelligence: Research of this kind helps organizations understand their business environment, compete successfully in it, and grow as a result. As a program, Market Intelligence collects information about market players and strategically relevant topics and processes it into insights that support decision-making. Organizationally, Market Intelligence is typically placed under strategic planning, business development or marketing.
  • Target Audience Analysis: Profile descriptions of existing marketplace and insights into their lifestyle. Aspects of the description can be market size, growth, competitors position, customer segments, legal and political issues.
  • Competitive Market Analysis: Do you know what your competition is doing? This Analysis takes a look at the market around you; both by physical location, by region, and by online offerings. With today’s technology, it is important that your business looks beyond the constraints of your city/town. Our reporting will include current and potential competitors, a product & services overview, a SWOT analysis and review of marketing tactics they’re implementing. An in-depth view of your competition can help you find your niche.

Our research is undertaken by an experienced marketing consultant vs a junior researcher. This means you get quality insights and corresponding suggestions vs simple aggregated data that you then need to interpret.

Brand strategy development and plan

Includes a 1/2 day workshop to:

  • Define your core brand promise
  • Define a blue print for all brand communications
  • Define marketing tactics to bring your brand promise to life with prospects and customers

Outputs: Brand strategy document and creative brief for brand refresh/development and creation of brand communications pieces. Cost: $3,600

Marketing Plan

Working with your team, we can develop a 12-month strategic marketing plan, including a tactical marketing activity calendar and marketing budget.
Our marketing plan package includes:
Four-hour planning session with your key stakeholders to set marketing goals, define target market, key marketing messages, appropriate marketing tactics and define system for marketing measurement.

Backup Support

Determined to “do it yourself?” We recognize that small business often need access low cost marketing help. So we’ve created some Do It Yourself Backup services that give you the focus and direction you need.

  • Spend half a day one on one with Jeny Dowlin, PCM to brainstorm your marketing approach to then be developed into a marketing plan – $600
  • Get some on-going marketing mentoring and coaching to gain regular feedback and help you stay on track with your marketing – $450 for 3-month contract of weekly hour-long webinar and phone sessions.

Brand Monitoring

Interested in what people are saying about your brand but don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the constant chatter?
Brand Monitoring is vital to your company’s success. Even if you do not engage in social media, for example, that does not mean your customers or employees are not talking about your brand. Your brand may be hurt if you do not pay attention to what the media, both online and off, are saying.
With this service, your business will be monitored across all mediums. Monthly or quarterly, we will provide you with a snapshot of what is said about your brand. If something arises that needs immediate attention (i.e. a question from a customer, bad press, or negative comments on social media), you will be notified immediately.
We understand that the idea of monitoring your brand is daunting. Let us monitor what the world is saying about your brand freeing up your resources to run your business.