Non-profit Marketing

Investing in marketing strategies is necessary for non-profits today, to thrive and receive dollars that for-profit organizations are fighting for. They have all the latest communication methods at their disposal, why not your organization.
From a fundraising issue to a mission identity crisis, White Bear offers services specifically for non-profits.
Know Your Donor
Just as a for-profit business targets a certain audience with its marketing, so should a non-profit. We need to develop a picture of the person most likely to support your cause or benefit.
Brand Sync
Typically, because of the budget constraints, non-profit materials are done at different times by different people. Often, when you put all these materials together, the disconnect is apparent. We can help compile, review and then make a suggestion for a cohesive look and feel based upon existing. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel like other agencies but rather taking the gems you have and making them shine.
From logo to wording and mission, the look and content of all communication, events, service, leadership, alliances and the organization’s office expresses the brand of the non-profit. Getting these in sync allows donors, supporters and clients to remember, recognize and trust your organization.
Public Outreach
Non-profits benefit individual groups of people as well as the community at large. People need to know that and know what you do. We call upon our background in public relations and social media to provide the online-offline punch of getting the word out. From sharing with the local press your story and new programs to inviting media directly to events, we can help. Through these services, we will also assess and can help implement e-mail and social media communications with current and potential donors to build relationships and loyalty.
Marketing Plan Development
Cross-channel marketing programs — not advertising campaigns — are what we deliver. After a discovery session with your team and an organization review, we will develop a customized, master engagement strategy that utilizes the online and offline arenas.
Non-profits must effectively market themselves using tactics to assist with growth, funding and prosperity. Team up with people who are can market for social good. To learn more about how we can help you, drop us a line.