Email Marketing still relevant and still working

Let's talk about email marketing

With so much emphasis these days on social media, people tend to forget marketing power does exist elsewhere.

Would you like to communicate a message to hundreds of your customers in less than 30 seconds?
How about knowing more than half will read the message and do what you tell them to do?

Reasons to Keep on Emailing

  1. Your emails get opened
  2. Easier to keep in contact with customers
  3. Increases participation rates of customers
  4. Improves brand awareness
  5. Drives website traffic
  6. Generally a one-person operation to publish and distribute an email newsletter
  7. Cost effective
  8. Email newsletters are easy to forward to other people
  9. Creates opportunities to cross promote other marketing channels such as social media networks

Need help with finding an email system, establishing your list, or creating a template? We can help with these items and others to make you successful in promoting your business.

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Hello, I'm Jeny. With more than 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, brand positioning, and content development, I collaborate with clients to develop strategies and action plans to streamline their marketing and achieve their goals.

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