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It’s that time of year for farmers markets to open – are you ready for the competition? Eye-catching display in the works to lure over those customers? I’ve assembled a short list of easy ideas to help improve your booth’s sales appeal.


  • Stand Out with Signage – Signage for your booth is important for both setting a professional tone and helping customers find you again. Signage does not need to cost a lot. I’ve done some cheap but great vinyl banners for under $100 online. Or make your own like this one shown for a wedding. Just take an old sheet, purchase some iron-on transfer paper that works with your printer, a fresh ink cartridge then print and iron. Depending on scale, you’ll need to use several iron-on sheets.
  • display3

  • Unify with color – from aprons to patio umbrellas, there are simple ways to unify and provide a pop of color to your display. Cohesion adds a level of organization and sophistication to any display. Consider keeping to two main colors that contrast. For instance, your tablecloths and umbrella is red but your display bowls and uniform (apron/tee) is light blue.
  • Work your booth – talk with shoppers, keep your display neat, fill in the gaps or simply rearrange what’s left. The booth shown above does a wonderful job of keeping items contained but easy to access and displays well.
  • chalkpaint
    chalckboard clothespins3

  • Make pricing flexible for yourself – make it easy on yourself to change prices by utilizing chalkboard paint on anything! These cute clothespins are assembled with scrapping paper, Mod Podge and round wooden circles (most craft stores carry) then spraypainted with Valspar chalkboard paint. You could also paint clipboards, balsa wood shapes or the side of a container itself.
  • strawberries

  • Consider snack-size packages – for those trying to get items quickly or maybe need a healthy snack, consider packaging up items like strawberries, snap peas, cheese flights. This strawberry idea would be great, just buy some small kraft bags then use a stamp with your name and logo as design.

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