January Design Challenge | #ThirtyLogos | Logo #2

Found this online last fall and thought it would be a great one to kick off my 2018. I’m striving to be more creative and take some chances so I’ve got different design challenges planned for all of 2018.
For January, thirtylogos.com is emailing me daily a short creative brief from a “client” to follow and develop.
I’m allowing myself two hours to develop three concepts and then share one of those.
Two down; 28 to go.

CLIENT:A small coffee shop chain located in Seattle, WA. The Grind prides itself on natural and local ingredients.
For our new logo, we actually do not want to use any browns! Maybe oranges, green, other earth tones, etc. could work well.
This logo will primarily be used as our store sign, on menus, and on coffee cups and merchandise. The Grind logo could be text based or have an icon, we’re open to either/both. We’re open to using symbols that represent coffee such as the coffee bean, plant, grounds, coffee cup, etc.!

I think I could convince them off the need for the dark brown “coffee” center. If not, that could be revised to black.

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