Marketing Minders #4 | Ideas for Farms & Farmers Markets

32 ways… 29 tips… 50 marketing steps to follow daily… ACK! too much! I’m a professional marketing expert and these lists overwhelm me – I can only imagine what this does to the hearts and minds of small business owners.
Marketing is supposed to be part of your business day not the entire day and most of your weekends!
So I’m doing my part to advocate for sensible branding. I know your business is always on your mind getting your constant love and care. Each week, I’ll be sharing no more than three ideas that I think would work great for local farms and maybe other local businesses. Try one, try all but only if they make sense for your time, resources and your budget.


This week’s ideas

1. Cheap trick to custom packaging Invest in a custom logo rubber stamp for your business to quickly and cost-effectively brand generic supplies (bags, tags, envelopes, etc.). Check out for vendors.
2. Add local media to your email lists Then, be sure you’re sending out something monthly to stay on the radar.
3. Brag a little One of the best ways to differentiate your business is by being the first, the newest, the oldest, the biggest or the smallest. The biggest tomato farm in all of Platte County! The widest variety of organic greens! Easy to say, easier to remember.
This is my way of sharing a little #FarmLove to all those that provide me and my family fresh, healthy food (thank you, thank you!)

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