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32 ways… 29 tips… 50 marketing steps to follow daily… ACK! too much! I’m a professional marketing expert and these lists overwhelm me – I can only imagine what this does to the hearts and minds of small business owners.
Marketing is supposed to be part of your business day not the entire day and most of your weekends!
So I’m doing my part to advocate for sensible branding. I know your business is always on your mind getting your constant love and care. Each week, I’ll be sharing no more than three ideas that I think would work great for local farms and maybe other local businesses. Try one, try all but only if they make sense for your time, resources and your budget.


This week’s ideas

1. Walking Billboards It is t-shirt weather and a great time to wear a tee (or aprons) sporting your farm’s name and website. You can even print these out at home as needed with iron-on paper. Or take to your local printer (they usually can handle in 2 weeks time). This is also a great product to sell. And if you need a good-looking design, contact me, I’d love to help!
2. Pick Your Social Media Crops & Cultivate Social media and blog posting can be really overwhelming. You hear about all the good things but honestly, spreading yourself thin helps no one, especially not your business. For local business, I recommend a blog then doing Facebook & Twitter or Facebook & Instagram – you want social media places that make it easy for you to highlight new products or special hours, etc. Pinterest is fun but no one is looking on there for your store hours or to receive quick updates on what’s in season.
3. Once a month – be a photographer Ok, social media is now focussed – how about that content. Like everything else, routine helps. Make Thursday morning, “what’s fresh” reporting day before the weekend farmers markets or pick-your-own activities. Have “A Taste of Farm Life” Tuesday – where you share a picture with a explanatory caption or favorite quote. Spend one day a month or every two weeks, mindful of taking pictures and then schedule those out over the next few weeks. Twitter, Facebook and WordPress all allow you to pre-schedule posts so you can sit down for one morning and get several weeks done at once.
This is my way of sharing a little #FarmLove to all those that provide me and my family fresh, healthy food (thank you, thank you!)

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