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32 ways… 29 tips… 50 marketing steps to follow daily… ACK! too much! I’m a professional marketing expert and these lists overwhelm me – I can only imagine what this does to the hearts and minds of small business owners.
Marketing is supposed to be part of your business day not the entire day and most of the weekend!
So I’m doing my part to advocate for sensible branding. I know your business is always on your mind. It’s constantly getting your love and care. Each week, I’ll be sharing no more than three ideas that I think would work great for local farms and maybe other local businesses. Try one, try all but only if they make sense for your time and your budget.

This week’s ideas

1. Google My Business Ever googled a specific restaurant or store and had Google share a small profile to the right of your results? That’s Google My Business. And guess what it’s free to get one for your business! Here’s the link: Go get yours done and help customers find you that much easier.
2. Vehicle Advertising Did you know for less than $50 you can be promoting your business every time you hit the road? Whether you invest more in a nice vinyl decal or test your message with a low-cost magnet sign affixed to the sides of your errand-running vehicle, you can easily promote your farm hours, market booth #, etc. while running to town. It’s one of the easiest ways to let people know your website address or follow you on Facebook. Make sure to use a color that contrasts nicely with your vehicle’s paint color. Keep the font fairly large (no smaller than 16 point) for reading at a distance.
3. Invite the local media Consider inviting local reporters out to your farm either for a private tour or a group lunch? Drop by their office with a fresh pint of your produce and contact information. Let them know you are available for interviews or answer any questions to help promote agriculture in the area. Include local morning radio – how fun would a quick check-in call from Farmer Joe on the weather be?!
This is my way of sharing a little #FarmLove to all those that provide me and my family fresh, healthy food (thank you, thank you!)

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