Out of My Studio: Animal Rescue Tee

I love being able to help non-profits. One of my favorite ways is through a site called Sparked.com. It allows non-profits to post a marketing or design project they need help with and professionals can offer their feedback or concepts for no cost.
This allows me some fun. When I have down time I can hop on there and see who I can help out. Gives them a boost and my skills and karma go up too.
This past week, I was happy to post a tee shirt concept for a big dog rescue organization in South Carolina. And I’m even happier to say they plan to sell it in the near future to increase donations. I’m not sure what the final shirt color will be but here’s the mockup I created on a gray-colored tee.
I came up with the message on the front “I believe in second chances and happy endings. I believe in animal rescue.” The back contains an existing line form their website I really liked along with their URL.
So if you are or would like to design, copywrite or just be creative, you may want to reach out and help those on sparked.com.

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