Personal Branding

The problem isn’t that people don’t know who they are or what work interests them. The problem lies in trying to talk about ourselves without feeling like we’re arrogant, exaggerating or coming across as unconfident.
The overarching goal of any branding effort is to differentiate the brand – albeit personal or corporate – and speak with a clear, concise voice in the marketplace. We want to distinguish you from similar professionals and establish your role as a distinct thought leader, job candidate, author, etc. with a unique point-of-view.
From resume writers and life coaches to graphic designers and marketing consultants like myself, there’s a broad interpretation of what “personal branding” services are needed for success and what style of success they help achieve. Through my own research, life experiences and professional experience, I’ve developed a core set of services I take my clients through initially that makes developing the tangible aspects of marketing – website, logo, business cards, etc. – very smooth and easy.

Our process will begins with research and evaluating how you are currently presenting yourself and ways we can set you up to be seen in the future. Together, we will discuss and brainstorm potential positioning, a tagline and messaging. Defining your brand and determining the words for communicating it effectively is crucial, so this step includes three one-hour phone sessions, with homework in between, spread over a 2-week period. When complete, I’ll pull together a brand document that outlines key items like defined goals, strengths and an initial personal profile that can be used for “About” areas online. This brand document will also provide clear direction to a designer or website developer in shaping your visual elements.
COST: $350. I offer a flat fee as it saves my clients a fair amount of money. My standard marketing consulting rate is $75-125 per hour.
Thus far, 100% of my clients have continued on with me into the design phases. After three phone calls discussing dreams, weaknesses and goals, we’ve developed a strong rapport and a clear vision on how to bring their “Brand You” to vivid life.
With a strong understanding of your brand and messaging from the INSIGNIA CLARIFICATION step, we will get into the visual stage. Creative elements to be defined and delivered in this phase include:

  • Color palette, along with Pantone, HEX and RGB codes for correct translation both on and offline
  • Fonts for usage online and in print
  • Logo (I’ll initially present 3 concepts and plan for two revision rounds)
  • Business card in proper format for printer
  • Email signature elements
  • Microsoft Word resume or letterhead template

This typically takes about two weeks with one or two rounds to finalize. Materials are delivered via email and half hour feedback calls are scheduled. I’ve found this saves time and confusion versus going back and forth via email. Plus by now, I love talking to you and hearing how you are progressing!

COST: $350-425
Keep in mind, we will work at your pace with your concerns and issues. Depending on goals, we may also switch a resume Word doc for a PowerPoint deck. Again, it comes down to what is needed for you and the direction you’re heading. I’m flexible!
With a strong understanding of your messaging from the INSIGNIA CLARIFICATION step and established visual components of INSIGNIA DESIGN, we can move to implementing elements online and getting a new site completed for you!
Elements to be defined and delivered in this phase include:

  • WordPress website home and secondary page design
  • Migration of relevant existing content from your other sites if desired as well as pulling from offline materials that we deem valid
  • Help in content development and strategy (this includes social media thinking)
  • Mailchimp newsletter template and signup integration into site
  • Setup and customize your social media profiles. Deliver elements like a Facebook cover image, squared logo for profile, Twitter cover image, etc.

This typically takes about two to three weeks to finalize. Half-hour progress calls are scheduled to keep us both on track with tasks.

COST: $500-800
Within two months, you’ll be confidently handing out professional cards, concise in your elevator pitch and directing people to your online portfolio.