Pricing and Flexibility

White Bear Marketing tries to flexible in our approach and happy to work with clients on an hourly or daily basis, or for a number of prescribed days each month. Growing businesses can benefit greatly from an experienced marketer and their knowledge and we offer services to balance those companies who wish for guidance, light or heavy support.
For some of our clients, we work as their fully outsourced marketing department, engaged by them for 1-2 days per week. For others, we work with them one to two hours per month providing advice and marketing guidance through our coaching service.


We earn our fees through the dedication of our time, knowledge and creativity; our clients happily compensate us accordingly.

We have three pricing structures: hourly, project-based and retainer. Within those structures, we have three levels of professionals providing services:

Level 1 – Services like strategy, copywriting, plan development, advertising concepts
Level 2 – Services like marketing research, editorial calendars, press list development
Level 3 – Administrative and project production

Service Level




Level 1 $175.00 $155.00 $130.00
Level 2 $125.00 $110.00 $90.00
Level 3 $55.00 $45.00 $35.00

Hourly pricing is typically a one-off, one-time client activity such as a crisis management issue.
Project-based pricing is where a client desires a set fee for a definable activity such as the creation of a brochure, logo, or complete corporate identity package or perhaps a direct mail campaign, trade show event, business, or sales and marketing plan. White Bear Marketing estimates the hours required for the project and sets the project price accordingly. The client pays the set project price whether it takes more or less hours to complete. Client does not receive an accounting of the hours it took to perform the project.
Retainer pricing is our lowest hourly rate which clients receive by committing to a minimum 6 months of services. Based upon a joint plan and assessment of services by White Bear Marketing and the client, we set up a monthly dollar amount that the client pays and we bill hours against these dollars. Depending on the services and activities to be performed, some months may be less and roll over or up to a larger month such as to support a large event or press launch.
We estimate all activities based upon our history of known actual hours it takes to complete.


We believe in our clients, supporting local and flexibility. Which is why we are open to bartering – up to 25% of your project fees can be exchanged for goods and services.