Carrrie Owens – Communicating Passion

Client Example

Carrie Owens – Communicating Passion

INITIAL CHALLENGE: Needing a blog to showcase industry know-how during job search.

We took six weeks to conduct the TKG Insignia Approach to Personal Branding. I listened and asked a set of questions to help put together a “BrandYou” document citing her passion and strengths in messaging forms that her right audience would stop and take notice.

By the end of our six weeks, we had a clear name for the blog, a brand look, resume and business cards she has continued to love. The fact that this branding still resonants for her years later makes me particularly proud of this project.

P.S. She had a new position within three months. I don’t attribute this to the site but rather the work we did to clarify her voice and knowing her strengths for interviews.