Real Work: Combining Blogs; Transitioning to Author and Speaker

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SITUATION: With a desire to take her speaking and writing to the next level, the client wanted to pull her projects under one cohesive brand and site making it easier for various audiences to find her. When we started, she had three different blogs devoted to different interests as well as an existing workshop group she contributed to frequently.
USING THE INSIGNIA APPROACH: Cherryll had a very clear target audience – women over 40 that were experiencing big life changes and who could use advice and support. After watching and listening to Cherryll via conversation and her presentations, it was important we captured her warmth and vitality for life. Through the process, I provided existing quotes and images that helped us nail down the look and feel for her brand.

TIP: As we come up with a blog name or tagline, I typically check it is available as a domain name. This step saves us time and potential disappointment in the online development phase. Whether for business or personal, I recommend you do the same.
RESULTS: Inspired by a quote of Søren Kierkegaard’s that “we live forward,” Cherryll’s work focusses on “Living Forward Beyond 40.” In addition to business cards, letterhead and, I crafted inspiring wallpapers to share on her blog and presentation templates for her workshops.
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I’ve notice that many personal branding consultants don’t share previous work. I’m not sure why but I find it helpful. Hope you did too.

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