Real Work: Seeking New Job in New Digs

SITUATION: After job searching on her own for six months with little traction, the client reached out to me for assistance. The challenges included wanting to switch from the corporate side of marketing to an agency environment (typically, the career path is reversed) in a limited regional marketplace for opportunities. When we started, she had one personal blog and several social media.
USING THE INSIGNIA APPROACH: It was important to separate the short-term goal of the next job with creating an authentic brand persona that would have “legs” and carry my client forward as a marketing thoughtleader. There were two different branding concepts we developed, both that reflected her professionalism and timeless elegance as well as a sense of personality and fun.
But “Communicating Passion” – which spoke to both her passion for the industry as well as her perspective of the goal of marketing – was too irresistible to pass up. In addition to resume design, business cards and her new industry-related blog, social media elements were created for consistency.

TIP: While you may be eager to find a new job position, consider that your short-term goal. Plan your personal brand strategy, its look and its feel for the long-term goal of being at the forefront of your industry.
RESULTS: By clarifying her strengths and developing phrases that spoke to her unique strengths, the client had an easier time in the interview process. Within four months, she had a new position with a larger agency outside the region willing to have her work remotely. As she continued blogging her marketing insights, she has joined association committees, become a board member for a large, local charity and recently transitioned to another agency who recruited her directly.
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I’ve notice that many personal branding consultants don’t share previous work. I’m not sure why but I find it helpful. Hope you did too.

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