This week #3Points on #JobInterviews

Taking care of our own career takes time and care. But when I see those lists – “25 tips…,” “30 ways…,” “50 ideas…” – I want to cringe. I don’t find those lists realistic at all. No one can implement even 10 of these things at a time.
So let’s focus. Let’s just work on three things this week.
As someone with over 20 years in the communication business, if I could advised you, at least be sure to do these three things.

  1. Control your nerves. Socially or professionally, no one wants to talk with someone who is nervous and fidgety. Smile. Rehearse some small talk. Keep telling yourself “I’ve got this.” And you will.
  2. Schedule your interview for Tuesday or Wednesday around 10am. Yes, it will be difficult to be “out of office” at that time with your current job but it’s also the best time – in terms of focus and energy – for all involved.
  3. Do not end with “How did I do?” It’s like asking how you did on a date or the “first time” with someone – so not confidence inspiring. By now you should have done some actual research on the company and have genuine questions for them.

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