This week #3Points on #Resumes

Taking care of our own career takes time and care. But when I see those lists – “25 tips…,” “30 ways…,” “50 ideas…” – I want to cringe. I don’t find those lists realistic at all. No one can implement even 10 of these things at a time.
So let’s focus. Let’s just work on three things this week.
As someone with over 20 years in the communication business, if I could advised you, at least be sure to do these three things.

  1. Proof. Proof. Proof. A typo or grammatical error in a resume indicates you lack attention to detail and/or don’t make time to run spellcheck for key documents (would you do that on the job?).
  2. Use a professional email address First, it just makes smart sense to ensure you’ve got your name as an email address before someone else does. Second, setting up aliases is a quick and easy thing to do. So lose or on your resume.
  3. No photo. Yes, I see the templates out there, too, with the photo on the resume template that looks snazzy and cool. Most organizations however try to stay neutral from an equal opportunity standpoint with resume reviewing. A photo increases the chance for automatic disqualification.

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