Creative Creation

creativeAnyone can tell you that your business needs a website, ad in the local paper, etc. to attract customers. But it’s the execution of the method — placement on the page, color, copy, headline that truly make marketing and communication efforts work and bring in new customers.
Everyone is keeping a close eye on money these days (thank you, economy). Here’s a secret: marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. The right mix of media combined with strong design and captivating copy… wham! You’ve got a pocketful-of-cash pie on your hands.
My idea of good design goes beyond “does it look great” to the practicalities of the business’ use of the work.
I offer services to produce compelling layouts and visuals for brochures, business cards, advertisements, letterhead, proposal and qualifications packages, signage. . . you name it. Unlike other agencies, I’ve also spent a good deal of time using Microsoft Office and can create custom-designed Word & PowerPoint Templates for the entire office to use – keeping your look brand consistent.