Email Marketing

emailEmail marketing is a cost-effective method that allows you to build customer relationships, stay on their minds and generate repeat sales.
I have worked with multiple email marketing programs including Emma, MailChimp, Constant Contact and icontact to assist businesses with email design, strategy and campaign measurement. I can plan, custom design, and develop spam-proof email newsletters. Depending on the system, we can also help track email readership and conversion statistics such as open rates, bounce rates, and opt-outs.
I understand that just like a website might have “browser issues” emails have similar problems and more. Did you know that some email programs strip out all CSS and java scripting? Even the programs that leave the code intact may display your content completely different than a browser. I can help you find the right email marketing program, create a template that works for you so you can “do it yourself” if you wish down the road. We can also discuss content, workload and business goals to assure you setting the right tone and getting strong content in front of people to have them believe what you’re selling.