Fresh Ideas

fresh_ideasCould your marketing, sales, fundraising and/or customer service area use a boost of energy? Does your management team seem “stuck?”
I have an idea. Join me for a two-hour session of creative brainstorming. Brainstorming is about problem solving in a group session, thinking outside the box and generating ideas – often fresh ideas. It’s one of the all time great tools for an organization to energize their teams and re-ignite passion to achieve business goals.
fresh_ideas_processWhether two of us or a half dozen, I have utilized these sessions to:

  • Define brand messaging
  • Develop an organization’s vision
  • Uncover competitive strengths
  • Produce great marketing or client care ideas
  • Problem solve
  • And most importantly, improve cross-functional communication

It’s also a great way to have your staff feel a sense of value – getting a chance to speak, learning you’re open to innovations and pride as their ideas turn into results.


Decided you need some refreshment of the brain – great! I’m excited to help. Here’s what is involved:

  1. We schedule an Initial Consultation to discuss and pinpoint true needs and goals for your customized “Fresh Ideas” session. At this time, we also pick a time and date for your session.
  2. I spend several hours preparing for your customized “Fresh Ideas” session – research, visuals, brainstorming tools, etc.
  3. I phone you to confirm date, time and select location.
  4. We spend an AMAZING two hours together breaking through, stepping out of boxes, taking off blinders, et cetera, et cetera.
  5. I head back to my office to write out all that transpired in an organized and easy-to-read format as well as putting in a few recommendations.
  6. You receive the “Fresh Ideas” post-packet and move into the next phase of building upon the ideas that were generated.