Strategies & Plans

A strong brand strategy will do more than identify your brand’s unique attributes and offer a promise. It will showcase how your company is viable, your offerings are credible in the marketplace and how your brand is believable. Reading the document will excite you, your staff and leave you invigorated to get out there and get going.
Whether we are talking about a company rename, brand refresh or new brand offering, our brand strategy process is a comprehensive path toward clarity.

Honey Harvesting

Or Brand Positioning is about finding your “Sweet Spot.” The overarching goal of any Brand Positioning effort is to develop a company positioning to differentiate your brand and speak with a clear, concise voice in the marketplace. We want to distinguish you from similar products, and establish your role as a leader. In other words, we want to find the point where what you sell is exactly what potential customers need and what your competitors cannot offer.

Honey Hunting

I go in search of your customer touchpoints. Touchpoints are potential moments of contact between your brand and its many audiences. By mapping these actions, you can implement procedures and training materials to ensure that your audience have consistently positive experiences.

Marketing Plan Development – $1,500

White Bear Marketing delivers solid recommendations and strategies for maximizing revenue by combining new media options with traditional advertising. A well-researched marketing plan makes everything that follows it more effective. Whether it is a blend of radio spots, billboards and social media, we can create a marketing mix that will best suit your business.
Building a great plan involves researching the market; surveying the competitive landscape; understanding the target; and selecting the tactics that will maximize returns. After doing our research, I propose ideas and invite candid feedback. The effective marketing plan that emerges provides an essential guide we’ll return to again and again as together we grow your business.

Business Plan Development – $2,500

Every business needs a plan and we can help you build one. This is a written business plan from which you can run your business and will be what you need to present a favorable picture of your business to potential investors or partners.