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Over the past few years, most small businesses seem to have realized the importance of a well-designed and thought-provoking website. Browse around the web for a while and you’ll see the standard stuff: The “About Us” page, “What to Expect,” “Directions,” a contact form, etc.

However, I often hear from these business owners that their website does nothing for them. After some review, I find that a lot of businesses have a plan for their website development but have absolutely no plan to make their website findable.

Here are a few easy steps you can take today to help customers find your site tomorrow.

  1. Make sure your BUSINESS NAME and CITY NAME are in header text at the top of your website!
  2. Make sure the TITLE of your website contains your business name, city, and zip code (Title is what appears on the “window” of your browser).
  3. Decide what KEYWORDS you want people to search and be able to find your business. For example, “Gulf Coast Church” is probably too broad at first. Try “Churches in 39571″ or “church near Gulfport.” Start small to gain influence with Google.
  4. Make sure those KEYWORDS are found on your front page at least 6 TIMES in your copy.
  5. Make sure your site is LISTED ON GOOGLE, YAHOO, and BING.
  6. Install GOOGLE ANALYTICS on your website to measure your site traffic in detail.
  7. Investigate how your site looks on a MOBILE PHONE (the percentage of browsers going mobile is increasing).

Are people able to find your website online? How do you perform in search rankings? Contact us today for help in making your website easier for potential customers to find.

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