Jeny Dowlin

Jeny Dowlin

After 20-plus years in developing strategies and marketing materials for “big business,” I am very aware how few organizations get the kind of marketing support they truly need to thrive and succeed.

I believe time-strapped communicators need more than someone to design a logo or manage their social media accounts. They need a communications expert who will not waste a lot of money and time trying to work out what sort of marketing they should do. You are not a test case for me.

If you need an experienced marketer who can listen and partner with you to develop and implement a consistent focused marketing approach that can win business and take your company to the next level, please get in touch.

Advantages of working with a Visual Communications Consultant

Fresh Perspectives and Creativity

My external viewpoint can help you break out of established patterns and discover innovative visual approaches that differentiate your brand and capture audience attention.

Enhanced Brand Consistency

To ensure a consistent identity across your marketing materials, we can establish style guidelines and design principles to maintain brand cohesion and recognition, fostering audience trust.

Expertise in Visual Storytelling

I help convey complex ideas, messages, and data through compelling and impactful visuals that resonate with your target audiences and effectively communicate your brand’s story.

Ongoing Support and Adaptability

I offer ongoing support, ensuring your visual content remains up-to-date and relevant to evolving market trends, technology changes, and shifts in your business needs.

How I earned my patches

Born with an ability to observe and curiosity, I am well aware I have not had anything close to a “traditional” career path. As skills I learned 20 years ago continue to enrich my daily work though, I am ever so grateful for my journey.

  • Earned my Bachelors in Journalism from Michigan State University. My focus was broadcasting with emphases in Spanish and Criminal Justice.
  • BROADCASTING: CBS Lansing affiliate intern. Three years producer and on-air talent for government channel. Two years on-air morning DJ for FM station.
  • To give myself an edge into Chicago ad agency life, I first learned how to code websites in 1996. At age 27, I was new business pitching as the in-house expert for this new phenom – the Internet.
  • Thanks to my web and former broadcasting life, I became one of four web producers to manage Oprah.com. I was there as the Oxygen channel launched, O Magazine launched, Dr. Phil, Bob Greene, etc. It was a huge learning time for me especially in personal branding and maintaining quality with speed.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: Worked at Fleishman-Hillard on international communications for large entities like SBC Global, Con Agra Foods, UPS, AARP. Seeing how the big guys operate has given me insight into powerful ways to stretch smaller budgets. I currently spend my days working at a PR agency, Interprose, as a visual communications designer and online strategist for clients.
  • My agency experiences include 8+ years as an account manager, digital designer, web site producer. I’ve worn both suit and creative hats.
  • At a point when I felt burnt out by marketing, it came back into my life via a temp job. What was supposed to be simple adminstration support turned into full-time serving as the member relations and event planner for a public-private organization of 1,700 individuals from 700 organizations. Speed, customer service and knowing how to craft a good email were all essential here. Loved it.
Jeny has expertise in everything from pitching advertising campaigns and developing communication pieces to producing web and graphic design material. Her range of talent is impressive and her work is a cut above the rest.
Carrie Owens

Director of Marketing and Communications, EnerNex

[Jeny] combines fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking with pragmatic marketing planning abilities to deliver solutions that are innovative, within budget, reflective of the business and yield the desired results.
Blaine Kohl

Strategist | Marketing | Business Development, Blaine Kohl Consulting

My Approach


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Action planning: Career coaching involves creating a step-by-step action plan that outlines the necessary steps to achieve the individual’s career goals. This includes identifying potential obstacles and developing strategies to overcome them, as well as setting timelines and benchmarks to measure progress.

Brand and Industry Experience

• Abbott Labs
• Ace Hardware
• Age Defiance™
• Alaska Family Salmon
• Arizona Grand Resort
• Asher-Cole
• Baltimore Gas & Electric
• Black Hills Energy
• Boise Cascade
• Canary Hotel
• Car-X®
• ChargeDefense
• Citizens Clean Elections Commission
• ConAgra Foods (Corporate, Healthy Choice)
• Culligan
• Dyneon
• eDonor
• EnerNex
• the e-tailing group
• Ethernet Alliance
• FASTR (Future of Automotive Security Technology Research)
• Febreeze®
• Forest Labs
• Gemini Mobile Technologies
• GridIntellect
• Hallmark
• Hasbro
• Health Pathways, Inc.
• Hotel Casa Del Mar
• IEEE Societies (Power & Energy, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Internet Initiative, etc.)
• ITT Technical Institute
• Jet-Puffed Marshmallows
• Molex
• Navistar International
• New Life Colostrum™
• Northland Family Help Center
• O, The Magazine
• Oprah’s Angel Network
• The Oprah Winfrey Show
• Pampers
• Pure-Spin Golf
• Riparian Institute
• SBC Global
• Shutters Hotel on the Beach
• Smart Grid Interoperability Panel
• Snapware™
• South Carolina Electric & Gas
• Sunnyhill Adventures
• Symbiotics
• TACKLE Technologies
• Target
• Ubisoft
• US Postal Service
• Unity Church of Phoenix
• Waste Management
• Xanadu

by Industry

• Animal Related
• Associations
• Children’s Products
• Engineering
• Financial Services
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Fitness
• Healthcare
• Higher Education
• Home Improvement & Construction
• Hospitality & Travel
• Luxury Goods & Services
• Manufacturing
• Media & Entertainment
• Non-Profits
• Pharmaceutical
• Professional Services/Consulting
• Public Utilities
• Publishing
• Real Estate
• Sports
• Technology
• Telecommunications

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